Plant is equipped with two nos. of laboratory for process and quality control of raw material & finished products including intermediate products, by-products, water, DM Water, effluents and gases etc.

The major equipments available in quality control laboratory are:-

1. X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer (XRF)
2. Proximate Analyser
3. CRI-CSR Instrument
4. Visible Spectrophotometer
5. UV-Visible spectrometer
6. Flame photometer
7. Gas Chromatograph
8. KF Trietor
9. Policer, pulveriser, hydraulic press, vertical rotary surface grinder
10. Jaw crusher, roll crusher, Reymond mill, Micrum drum, tumbler drum, Ro-Tap sieve shaker

*OES Spectrometer, C&S analyzer, one more XRF, O-N & H analyzer, Optical microscope, hardness tester etc.. will be added in phase – II.

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