GIPROKOKS-MECON designed, 7 meter tall, state of art technology, one battery with 67 ovens with chamber volume of 41.6 cum and a capacity of 31.6 t dry coal charge is in operation and having 100 % dry quenching (CDCP) with by-product plant.

CDCP consists of three cooling chambers with individual hoist, lifting shaft, waste heat boiler, dust catching arrangement and smoke fan. It has three chambers, each having a capacity of 52-56 tons/hr.

Other major equipment of coal preparation plant include a rotary wagon tippler with side arm charger (1 no.), RCC blending bunkers each of 1,250 tons capacity (5 nos.), final crushing station with reversible hammer crusher each of 350 tons/hr (2 nos.), a suspended electro magnet (1 no.), conveyor galleries & junction houses (1 lot) and a coal tower of 4,000 tons capacity. The conveyor stream capacity from the wagon tippler to storage yard is 750 tons/hr and from the storage yard to coal tower is 600 tons/hr.

Coke Sorting Plant is equipped with crusher, grizzly screens & conveyor system. By-Product plant is designed for cleaning raw coke oven gas and to recover crude tar, remove ammonia as ammonium sulphate and extract naphthalene by absorbing in solar oil. By-product Plant capacity is to treat gases 42,300 cum/hr. BOD Plant is designed for treatment of effluent water containing ammonia, cyanide, phenol etc. and brings their levels within acceptable norms. Nitrogen plant is supplying nitrogen required for coke cooling in CDCP.

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