Blast furnace to produce 1.1 million Blast furnace to produce 1.1 million tons of hot metal per year is in operation. The furnace has useful volume of 1915 cum having with hot blast stoves for supplying pre-heated blast with 1000oC and with oxygen enrichment of 1.5% hot blast temperature. The productivity on useful volume is 1.64 tons/cum/day and on working volume is 1.88 tons/cum/day and sinter charge in the burden is 80%. Improved distribution techniques for raw material charging using the Paul Wurth bell less top with single bin arrangement have increased productivity and lowered fuel rate.

Improved cooling and design features of blast furnace will contribute to longer campaign life and having slag granulation facility at the cast house by direct impingement of water jet and gas cleaning unit with dust catcher, wet scrubber and venturi scrubber.
Hot metal is cast in pig casting machine (2 nos.) having 200t/hr designed pouring capacity for production of pig iron.

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