Quality Policy

We, at NINL are committed to meet the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties. To accomplish this, we will :

  • Produce quality products and provide services to all customers to earn their confidence and their delight.
  • Achieve quality of the products by following systematic approach through planning, documented procedures and timely review of quality objectives.
  • Continually improve the quality of all materials, process and products.
Maintain an enabling environment, which encourages teamwork and active involvement of all employees with total commitment

Environment Policy

We at NINL are committed to achieve sustainable growth in all spheres of Steel production and to conserve natural resources ,prevent pollution ,minimize and manage waste through:-

  • Documented, implemented, maintained and periodically review of the Environment management system including policy, objectives, targets and programmes.
  • Complying with all the applicable legal and other requirements of activities, products and services with respect to environment and also complied by contractors and suppliers working for NINL to which it was subscribed to.
  • Continually improve the environment management system performance through regular interaction and training.
  • Communication of environment policies and programmes to employees, contractors, members of public, regulatory authorities, emergency response authorities and other stake holders.

Human Resource Policy

We, at NINL believe that our employees are the most important resource. To realize the full potential of the employees, the company is committed to

  • Provide work environment that makes the employees committed and motivated for maximizing productivity.
  • Establish system for maintaining transparency, fairness in dealing with employees.
  • Empower employees for achieving targets through commitment, responsibility and accountability.
  • Encourage teamwork, creativity, innovativeness and high achievement orientation.
  • Provide opportunities for developing skill and knowledge for employee growth.
  • Ensure effective communication channels with employees.

Human Resource Development Policy

We, at NINL are committed to create an Organisational Culture, which nurtures employees' potential for the prosperity of the organisations. To accomplish this, we will

  • Identify development needs of the employee on regular basis, provide the necessary training and continually evaluate and monitor the -effectiveness of the training so that the quality of the training also get upgraded.
  • Provide inputs to the employees for developing their attitude towards work and for matching their competencies with the organizational requirement.
  • Create an environment of learning and knowledge sharing by providing the means and facilities and also access to relevant information and literature.
  • Facilitate the employees for continuous development of their knowledge base, skills, efficiency, innovativeness, self expression and behaviour so that they contribute positively with commitment for the growth and prosperity of the organisation while maintaining the high level of motivation and satisfaction.
  • Prepare employees through appropriate development programmes for taking up higher responsibilities in the organisation.
  • Fulfill social obligation by providing training to the students of educational institution and to the trainees of other organisations.

Energy Policy

We, at NINL are committed to optimally utilize various forms of energy in a cost effective manner to effect conservation of energy. To accomplish this, we will

  • Monitor closely and control the consumption of various forms of energy through an effective Energy Management System.
  • Adopt appropriate energy conservation technologies.
  • Maximise the use of cheaper and easily available forms of energy.
  • Make energy conservation a mass movement with the involvement of all employees.
  • Maximise recovery of waste Energy.

Occupation Health and Safety Policy

We, at NINL are committed to the occupational health and safety of employees and contract workers. To accomplish this, we will

  • Ensure safe working condition and environment to all the employees.
  • Document, implement, maintain and continuously review the occupational health and safety management system including the policy.
  • Comply with all the relevant occupational health and safety legislations, regulations and other requirements and fix responsibility for compliance.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in the occupational health and safety performance.
  • Maintain an enabling environment, which encourages active involvement of all employees.
  • Impart occupational health and safety education and training to the employees and contract workers at the time of induction and further retraining.
  • Review the occupational health and safety objectives and targets on a continuous basis.
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