Published on Department Author Topic Document
12/09/2017 Power Plant Mr P K Dey Utilization of Boilers Blow down water and DM Plant effluent water at GCP Pump house of Blast Furnace  
21/09/2017 Fire & Safely Mr Kundan Kumar Handling & Storage of Cylinders  
21/09/2017 Fire & Safely Mr Kundan Kumar Electrical Safety System  
24/10/2017 Sinter Plant Mr Sanjaya Kumar Rout The Basics of Lubricants and lubrication  
24/10/2017 Power Plant Mr Anil Kumar V K Modification of STG auxiliary steam line tcv system for maintaining aux. steam temperature in auto mode and recovering condensate and heat energy.  
18/09/2017 QC Lab Dr Kalpataru Rout Goethitic rich iron ore sinter characterization
19/09/2017 Power Plant
Mr A K Panda Power Disturbance Management in Captive Power Plants